As a speaker/trainer/consultant, Ida Vance is an expert in motivating and inspiring individuals to be their best and to see the positive in every situation.

With over 30 years of experience in getting real results where they count… helping independent business women achieve their overall goals, this successful speaker, trainer and consultant keeps audiences on the edge of their seats as they laugh and learn the principles of innovation, creativity, happiness and achievement.


Based on the needs of the audience, Ida will create a customized presentation, which is guaranteed to leave your audience inspired and motivated to take action.


"During our 2nd annual fundraiser luncheon, Ida Vance was our motivational speaker. Her words of encouragement and sensitivity to our mission of empowering at-risk women helped to set the atmosphere of the luncheon and motivated the attendees to give to the cause. Her presence was truly an asset. People even gave donations weeks after the luncheon."      - Brenda Daniels, President/Founder, Overcomers, Inc .


She leverages her life’s work and experiences in ways that positively influence audiences by motivating, inspiring and building them up.


" Ida is an exciting dynamic speaker with a friendly engaging delivery style for audiences of all ages.  Her speeches on Success, Joy, and Unconditional Love, will inspire, enlighten, and challenge the listeners to action."
- Julius Lawrence , Toastmaster

You set the agenda in advance and Ida will keep your audience captivated as they listen, laugh, and learn about the valuable principles of innovation creativity, marketing, success, happiness and achievement.


Ms Vance has presented on topics such as:


         Self Esteem/Self Confidence

         The Superwoman Syndrome

         Stress Management,

         A Formula for Happiness

         Communication Strategies


Her success lies in her ability to communicate and instill often challenging ideas with a practical and proven methodology. Leadership, teamwork and partnership have been at the heart of her success. Engage her services to address your audience and you will gain fascinating and inspirational insights into what it takes to be the best.

"Words are so powerful - when we speak them, they take on a life of their own. Say what you mean, and mean what you say." -Ida Vance

When was the last time you were asked to do a presentation. How did you feel as you were speaking? Were you anxious? Did your voice crack? How about the sweating. Did you perspire so much that it seemed you were standing under a water sprinkler?


>  Have you shied away from making    presentations at work because you were afraid to stand up front and present?


> Have you been avoiding that next promotion for fear of not being prepared?


> Would you rather die than stand before an audience of people you don’t even know or even worse, before an audience of your peers?


Be honest, what has that cost you in your career? How would you like a process to help you turn your fears and stress into confidence that results in remarkable rewards? How would you like to go from PANIC TO POWER, with swift and simple speaking strategies anyone can use?


Perhaps you don’t have to do presentations but you have a desire to express your thoughts better. Perhaps you just want to be more clearly understood. Effective communication is important in all walks of life. Being an effective communicator can make all the difference between being stuck and being successful in life whether it is in your career or in your personal life.

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"Ida's coaching session prepared me for a media interview. After our session I was well prepared, confident, and very grateful for our session. I am enlightened on my role as CEO!"
- Eboni Love, CEO, ETECH Design Studio.